5 Steps to Website Generation

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Like most business owners, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities of doing business online. It is true that the internet can be a key tool in which to collect leads, attract customers and grow your business.

However if you are not a digital marketer, then it is probably likely that you are just trying to do what you can and, like most people, failing dismally.

Every single person who comes to me for their web solutions, comes with a problem they want to solve. For most business owners, it is that they need to find more clients and generate more sales, and one of the key ways I can help them with this is to optimize their websites to generate more leads. 

For  this reason I have written an e-book called the “Definitive Guide to Building a Lead Generating Machine“. It’s a basic breakdown for any of you who are interested in trying to implement some lead generating techniques on your website (without needing to hire a web developer or digital marketer).

For the next 5 weeks, I will be publish one post each week with one of the steps included in the guide. However, if you want to download the entire e-book you can here

Patrick Alvarez

Patrick Alvarez

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Patrick Alvarez is an Irish/Spanish website consultant, designer and web developer based in Spain who helps businesses get better results from their websites.

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