Begin with the End in Mind – Step #2 to Building a Lead Generating Website

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Before you do anything, you need to begin with the end in mind and decide the following:

Who are you targeting?

Think about all of the clients you have right now, or have ever had, and pick the best one. They could be the most profitable, the most enjoyable to work with, easiest to work with, always pays on time, etc. Now as yourself what industry do they work, what size is their business, their turnover, what kind of products and services do they offer, how many staff do they have, what their business aspirations are, and most importantly what value YOU offer them.

Now that you’ve decided on this target client and their background, everything you should do should be targeting them. Have a look at your website and imagine you are visiting each page as if you were that person.

  • Does the language used on the website resonate with you?
  • Are the images engaging to look at?
  • Is the information relevant and interesting?

What is a lead for you?

What do you want your website visitors to do?

Every website should have a very clear action that they want a visitor to take. It could be filling out a contact form, signing up to a newsletter, picking up the phone, etc. Most website owners would say that their website does not achieve anything, or doesn’t fulfil any specific goal, because they fail to have any clear action they want visitors to take.

You need to take a look at your website, decide what action you want visitors to take, and make sure to be very clear about what action you want them to take.

Patrick Alvarez

Patrick Alvarez

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