Dina Restaurant Website


Dina is a portfolio piece that I created for a potential restaurant The Dina restaurant website has been beautifully created to show off the delicious food it was built to promote. Using both videos and images, it really gives the client a mouth-watering taste of what the eating experience at Dina is like.

TECS Employment Porfolio

TECS Employment

TECS Employment is a recruitment website that handles hundreds of job applications each day TECS is a summer camp company that employs up to 200 staff each summer for short-term positions. Candidates must be English speakers so they look for staff from all over the world. To overcome this challenge we built a website that …

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Legalator Demos Website


Legalator is a portfolio piece that I created for a potential law firm The legalator website is a bright, animated and highly dynamic website that allows a law firm to show off it’s experience, achievements whilst also having a modern edge.

Translation Pros Portfolio

Translation Pros

Translation Pros is an Irish-based translation and localisation company which specialises in translating between Spanish and English The translation Pros website was a redesign which aimed at taking their old, unfriendly website and giving it a much more modern look which not only looks great, but also greatly improves the user experience. I knew that …

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Test Your Resilience Portfolio Image

Test Your Resilience

Test Your Resilience is an e-commerce website and online test solution. Denis Flores, a hugely experienced psychologist has spent a huge amount of career specialising in resilience and has developed a resilience test. Wanting to share this test, and his knowledge, with the greater public, Denis had me create a online test which could be …

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