Test Your Resilience

Test Your Resilience is an e-commerce website and online test solution.

Denis Flores, a hugely experienced psychologist has spent a huge amount of career specialising in resilience and has developed a resilience test. Wanting to share this test, and his knowledge, with the greater public, Denis had me create a online test which could be taken by people all over the world.

After an initial face to face meeting where we investigated and discussed my ideas, I have worked with Patrick over the last nine months to develop my website. The major requirement was to create a capacity to generate income from my intellectual property. From the outset, Patrick was clear and precise in managing my expectations and very efficient in delivering the product and associated documentation. Given my limited budget, we have achieved a very satisfactory result which is now on line and looking good. I must also commend Patrick on his open and creative approach and versatility in working through our problems. I commend him to anyone wishing to create an attractive and operational site.

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