First Blog Post

The Start of the Blog!

The First Blog Post

So I guess every blog has the usual “welcome to our blog” first post, and well….. here’s mine I guess. I don’t want it to be a cliché, but every blog has to start somewhere. Like every great superhero, this blog has to have it’s start. Spiderman got bitten by a radioactive spider, Superman fell to earth, and now I’m trying to figure out how to write my first blog post without boring everyone to sleep (Especially on the topic of website design). Not that I think anyone will actually read this as it’s the first blog post and so therefore I won’t have a client base, email list nor interested community built up. Although I’ve played around with the idea, I’ve never properly blogged before because I really didn’t think anyone would actually want to read what I had to say. But with the launch of my new website, and my foray into freelance website design, I’ve decided to give it a go!

The Purpose

The main purpose of the blog is to give me an outlet to talk about my passion of website design. Even though my friends, family and girlfriend have been very supportive, they don’t exactly have much knowledge or, lets face it, interest in discussing website development, online design trends, and generally nerding it up with me. Hopefully this blog will allow me to share that passion with people who do, or at least use my passion to help people who need advice with their websites. The internet is a vast place, and I follow enough blogs and read enough articles to know that there are other website design aficionados out there. So I guess apart from giving my passions a voice, I’d like this blog to help me connect with like minded people. Another important reason I decided to have a blog is to get the word out about my website solution freelancing business. Anyone who knows even the least amount about online marketting or SEO knows that content is king. If I want to find clients, I need them to know about me and get the word out. If I want to have a shot at ranking in search engines then I need to create content, and have that content be shared over social media. Scary. Why anyone would want to share my posts is beyond me yet, but hopefully as I continue to find my voice and sharpen my skills, my blog will continue to grow.

Website Design Blog Format

Now if you are the one poor soul who somehow ended up reading this first post then you are probably wondering what am I actually going to write about on this new blog of mine? Well here’s more or less what I’m thinking about at the moment:

  • Announcements – News or updates relating to my freelancing business itself.
  • Portfolio Posts — I’ll showcase some projects I’ve completed.
  • Tips & Tricks – I’ll post learned along the way in order to help you out there.
  • Informative Articles – About general things related to being a freelance web designer.

That’s what I’m think at the moment, although I think that this list will develop as I go. I’m sure that my “welcome to my blog” post wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing to read, but I do hope that you subscribe to my blog so you can read my future posts. I promise to make the next one more interesting! Anyway, feel free to comment and share! Patrick

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