Understand Your Funnel – Step #3 to Building a Lead Generating Website

Someone goes onto your website, they fill out a contact form, and BOOM you’ve got a new lead.

This happens millions and millions of times each day. Although in theory it sounds simple there so many micro factors involved in this process. When it’s working well, a total stranger has a problem and they do a quick search to find the answer. They find a web page that either offers a product, service or advice that can help them. They learn, gain trust and take action.  These websites generate leads all day and night long…. Website that don’t have this process done well generate none.

Although there are lots of micro factors to a lead generating website, the basics are simple. A lead generating website has a specific set of pages:

Your blog posts and content have two very important roles on your website: To generate traffic to your website and to link your potential clients further along “through your website” to eventually get to your contact page, or sign up form, and become a real actionable lead.

Each page or step on that journey has a job to do: awareness, interest, trust, then action.

This is what we call a classic conversion funnel. Below you can see how each page aligns with a corresponding step in the funnel and has it’s own purpose:

IMPORTANT: This only works if each page on your website was built specifically with this purpose in mind, and with the objective of guiding people to the next stage.

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