5 steps to website lead management - Step 5

Ways to Capture Leads – Step #5 to Building a Lead Generating Website

In this post we will be looking at the various techniques that you can implement on your website in order to capture leads:

1. Top Bar

A Top bar is a very simple capture form that, as the name suggest, lives at the top of the page.

This is a fantastic subtle marketing ploy, which works especially well if you are providing a free newsletter or e-book.


2. Sidebar Opt-in

This is probably one of the most popular ways of capturing leads (especially for subscriptions) as it doesn’t take away from the main content.


3. Sidebar Opt-in

The feature box is a non-obtrusive (unlike a pop-up) banner that does very well due to it’s position above the fold.



4. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are arguably the best performing lead generator. Although they can have conversion rates of up to 15%, they do need proper testing and design to get them right.


5. Exit Pop-Ups

These are pop-ups that show when a visitor is about to exit your website. They are a good last ditch effort to capture a lead.



6. Landing Page

Landing pages are specific, customized pages that are for leads who are directed for ads, social media or a CTA button for a specific campaign.

They tend to have a very simple design and layout, similar to above, and have as few distractions from the goal of converting visitors as leads.

For example they tend not to have things like menus.

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